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Case Studies

Since Diversified Brokerage began in 1983, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

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Introducing An "Administrative Services Only" Plan

An Innovative Solution For A National Enterprise

An energy company based in the Midwest with 1,600 employees had 180 offices in eight states.  As the company experienced exponential growth, the employee benefit costs from their fully insured plan exceeded its annual budget of $7 million. 

Diversified Brokerage managed to reduce the costs by over 20 percent. It enabled the firm to maintain an average of a 3 percent increase per year by transitioning to an Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan, a self-funded insurance plan. 

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Reducing Group Medical Insurance Cost

A Success Story For A Multi-state Company

An East Coast firm in the food-processing industry has grown its operations to multistate locations. The firm had initially structured its employee benefits program through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and was suffering from a cost increase of over 30 percent.

Diversified Brokerage provided a self-funded insurance structure in another state where the firm had a substantial presence and less stringent insurance regulations. Because the PEO handled payroll services, workers compensation, statutory short-term disability, and Paid Family Leave benefits, Diversified Brokerage also re-established the employer-based payroll process and added the other benefits to the structure. The transition resulted in no cost increase.


Remedying Numerous Federal and Local Group Health Insurance Regulatory Violations

Rigorous Compliance For A Manufacturing Firm

A benefits broker had provided a large manufacturing company in North Carolina with a benefits plan designed for small companies. It resulted in numerous federal and state healthcare law violations, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations, the affordability testing guidelines, common ownership guidelines, state small employer regulations, and carrier contractual agreements.

Diversified Brokerage rectified every compliance issue while reducing the overall cost by 15 percent.

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Forging a Strong Client Partnership

Successful Solutions for A Neglected National Medical Provider

Diversified Brokerage re-organized a large national medical provider whose previous broker had neglected his responsibilities even though the renewal date was within 30 days.

The broker had also failed to complete the electronic enrollment process, provide any client communication services, and reduce administrative burdens of benefits management for his client’s business.

Diversified Brokerage renegotiated a 30 percent renewal cost increase down to 3 percent in time for the renewal. We established a comprehensive electronic enrollment process, an external payroll company, and weekly client communication services.

Diversified Brokerage continued its work on several projects to reduce administrative costs and burden for the company. We increased employee awareness and participation by 30 percent by overhauling its supplemental insurance and 401K programs. We consolidated the administration of two plans, Healthcare Reimbursement Account (HRA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA), that were incurring substantial expenses. We outsourced these responsibilities to a new payroll company to achieve additional administrative efficiency.

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Providing Group Insurance Expertise to a National Healthcare Benefits Program

A Technology-driven Approach

A newly established national service company required multiple employee benefits and a comprehensive automation platform to meet and simplify administration goals while adequately servicing employees in 10 states and locations.

Diversified Brokerage completed the first phase to meet state regulatory requirements in all states and establish commercial insurance requirements in every location through our property and casualty partnerships.

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