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Who We Are

Our priority is to meet the objectives and needs of our clients.

At Diversified Brokerage, we have been serving business clients with up to 2,000 employees in the U.S.  30+ years of experience in the insurance industry enable us to access a vast network of carriers and extensive knowledge of group plans, employee benefits, corporate retirement plans, commercial insurance, healthcare reforms, and compliance requirements.

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Member, National Association of Health Underwriters

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Our Process

Here is how our consultative approach works.

We begin with an in-depth understanding of your business, needs, and objectives.  We then develop a specific strategy to tailor a plan that meets your company’s goals. We do not have a “one size fits all” product at Diversified Brokerage.

At Diversified Brokerage, we are independent consultants whose mission is to represent your interest only to find the best plan options, products, and value by challenging insurance carriers.  Once your plan is in place, you will have direct access to our dedicated service team for your on-going needs.

Business Meeting

Assess Your Unique Needs

To Customize Your Plan

First, we will discuss with you and your officers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, including its history, vision, opportunities, challenges, and potential risks in future growth potential.  We will then begin tackling your needs and objectives specific to group employee benefits, retirement plans, or other insurance needs.  

We will review your business issues, and challenges related to your specific benefits needs by evaluating your existing plans.  We will analyze your employee benefits plan data for group medical plans, including financials and healthcare claims, to identify trends, anomalies, and outliers that may drive undesirable increases. 

We will also review your current plan administration and customer support platforms to find ways to reduce administrative burdens.  We will draw on our local, state, and national expertise to develop a comprehensive strategy to build a unique set of solutions for you.  


Conduct Compliance and Regulatory Review

For Effective Risk Mitigation

At Diversified Brokerage, we understand that compliance with evolving health care reform and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation can be a monumental challenge. We are here to help you identify potential risks and strategize compliance solutions so that you can remain compliant while meeting your specific needs and objectives.  We: 

  • Monitor relevant health and welfare guidance, including statutes, regulations, and case law

  • Analyze the impact of Health Care Reform (ACA) on your business

  • Review relevant, up-to-date federal, state, and local benefits-related issues

  • Assist with notice and disclosure requirements

  • Provide health and welfare plan compliance education

In a Meeting

Develop Customized Plans

To Achieve Your Goals

We customize every plan to ensure that the core benefits, administration, consulting services, and budget work for both you and your employees.  Our benefits recommendations also focus on optimizing cost-efficiency, convenience, and flexibility to help you grow your business while attracting and retaining your high-performing staff.  

As an independent agency, Diversified Brokerage is contractually impartial to any carrier or vendors.  Part of the process includes our aggressive search for the best insurance carriers and vendors suitable for you.  We have seen significant cost differences among health care service providers and alternative programs. We gather data from multiple sources to ensure that we can manage and negotiate relentlessly and rigorously on your behalf for the lowest cost while optimizing plan benefits. 

Before we recommend alternatives for your insurance carriers, we will negotiate with your existing carrier for better rates and benefits.  We take this step because we care about minimizing your staff's administrative burden and potential benefit changes for your employees. If we find that alternative carriers may offer you and your employees better rates and enhanced benefits, we will present new options.  Our team will walk you through each solution and its impact on your business with transparency by identifying both risks and rewards.

Meeting the Staff

Build Rapport With Your Staff

For A Strong Partnership

At Diversified Brokerage, we understand the importance of establishing a strong relationship with your staff.  We need to hear first-hand their successes and their burdens.  Our goal is to provide support to your team, making them feel comfortable working with us and reducing their burdens.   

We will strive to earn their confidence that we will address their problems and challenges expeditiously and successfully.  We are your advocate and advisor representing you and your interests, not those of carriers and vendors.  We will work with you and your staff as one team when we interact with carriers and vendors are always seamless, consistent, and impactful.

Working Together

Aid in Enrollment, Offer Employee Training

To Give You Comprehensive Support

At Diversified Brokerage, we understand that there is never a good time for your business to roll out a new employee benefits plan or make changes to the existing plan.  We will provide comprehensive support and guidance to you and your HR team to prepare you for a seamless plan implementation and enrollment process.  

For many employees, choosing their benefit options can be frustrating because of the unfamiliar terms and concepts used to describe them.  They must consider annual changes to limits and thresholds.  Changes in life events may impact their benefits.  More employers opt for high-deductible health plans coupled with health savings accounts (HSA), which can create confusion and discourage employees from understanding potential long-term health savings advantages.  Surprisingly, many do not know that their dental coverage includes routine cleaning and checkups, leading to more expensive treatment.  

Clear communications and thorough training to guide your employees through enrollment are essential to boost their confidence in their choices and for you to earn recognition for your efforts.  At Diversified Brokerage, we are here to help you communicate your plan's value and motivate and retain your employees.


Dedicated Customer Service

So You Are Rest Assured

Our services do not end at completing the plan implementation and enrollment.  Our dedicated professionals with years of experience in employee benefits and carrier interactions understand that your plans require continuous management and oversight. 

Throughout the year, we measure your benefits strategy, monitor changes in insurance rules and regulations that may impact your business, and provide you with comprehensive reports.  Each year, we will review all available options on insurance, retirement, and other plans that are due for renewal.  

As a Diversified Brokerage client, you will never have to call a "call center" and worry about speaking with someone who knows you only by an account number.  We are here to assist you and your team whenever you may have a question or a problem. 

  • Account Management including a service calendar, annual project timelines, and important deadlines so that you will not miss important deadlines

  • Benchmarking/Benefit Statements

  • Benefit Administration Support

  • Claims Handling Services

  • Annual Review before plan renewal

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