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DOL Releases Subsidy FAQs and Notices

The American Rescue Plan Act, recently passed by the Biden administration, is a complicated stimulus bill containing several employee benefit components.

The following are the most recent updates on how the COBRA premium subsidies work and the model notices you should use in communicating with your employees. Details about the dependent care FSA exclusion limit and employer tax credit extension are available in the March 23 blog. We will continue to provide up-to-date information as the government may make further adjustments and modifications.

COBRA Premium Subsidy FAQs and Model Notices

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has released FAQs and Model Notices about the COBRA premium subsidy provision of the American Rescue Plan Act. Below are links to the documents and information provided by the DOL.

DOL Resources:

· DOL COBRA Premium Subsidy FAQs

· DOL COBRA Premium Subsidy Webpage

Model Notices:

· General Notice and Election Notice

· Notice in Connection with Extended Election Period

· Alternative Notice

· Notice of Expiration of Premium Assistances

· Summary of COBRA Premium Assistance Provisions

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