Personal Insurance Planning

Call on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. for personal insurance planning.

With an independent, personal insurance planner, you have more choices which are unbiased.

Because we represent every insurance carrier, we can match you with the plan that makes the most sense and has the best coverage for you.

We are never tied to any one insurance company, and we are here to satisfy your needs and help you with this important decision.

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We have been in the insurance consulting industry for over 30 years, and have a thorough understanding of past and the present. We are uniquely positioned to help you plan for your future with practical, sound and seasoned advice.

With good protection, it’s not just you who is protected… it’s your family, your livelihood and all your tomorrows. Let is help add value and stability to your future.

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Protecting you and your family in the short-run may be easy, but developing a plan that’s right for your future is what’s most important.

Call on Diversified Brokerage, Ltd. for our experience and unbiased advise. We are independent, so we work with many carriers offering a multitude of products and services. This allows us to implement a comprehensive insurance plan tailored just for you.

We compare quotes from several different carriers and many different products to maximize your coverage and minimize your premiums.

Every person and each family has different needs. Call on Diversified Brokerage, explore the possibilities.

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In the insurance world, plans and policies change regularly.

We keep ahead of the changes through on-going education and certifications, so we can present the best plans and policies for your specific needs.

Call on Diversified Brokerage, Ltd., as your personal insurance planning partner.

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