Corporate Retirement Planning

Call on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. for corporate retirement planning. A solid retirement plan is the key to future income for nearly every worker. It provides security to your employees, and shows you value them as part of your business and as individuals. It’s a benefit you need for the future of your employees and an important benefit your business offers to stay competitive.

Call on Diversified Brokerage, Ltd. for a wide range of retirement plans designed to meet your firm’s specific needs. All of these retirement plans can help you and your staff save money for retirement while potentially providing tax advantages.

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We are independent, so we are not linked to or locked in with any specific corporate retirement planning product. We’ll find retirement solutions that match your firm’s specified need and your company’s unique circumstances.

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Through our strategic approach to corporate retirement planning, we look at each key area of your benefits program in conjunction with your overall plan.

We begin by evaluating your use of qualified plans, then develop strategies to maximize investment flexibility, minimize taxes and provide projections for growth.

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A more loyal and competitive workforce can begin with a solid retirement plan. While private retirement plans cannot change plan rules to reduce benefits earned as of the date of the change, plan rules can be modified to reduce future benefit accruals and contributions. Call on Diversified Brokerage, Ltd. to help navigate these changes and keep your plan on course.

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including self-insured plan management, medical savings accounts, fully insured commercial health, dental & vision plans.