Commercial Insurance Consulting

Call on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. for commercial insurance consulting. We manage your insurance risk, which is very different from selling your company an insurance policy. We leverage our deep experience to make sure you have the best plans and programs tailored specifically to your company’s needs and of course, your bottom line.

Maintaining the optimal commercial insurance coverage for your company requires an independent expert like ours. We review quotes and options to select the most appropriate and economical plans for your company’s needs, and negotiate renewals and coverage changes with underwriters and brokers. We strive to protect your company from avoidable liability.

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Call on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. to take the stress out of commercial insurance policy renewals, re-negotiating plans, soliciting proposals for new coverage, analyzing options and communicating with multiple, competitive insurance companies to find the policies that will work hardest for your business.

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We manage commercial insurance programs for all types and sizes of business and industry.

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by insurance plan changes and by insurance industry jargon. You ned to be able to trust in and rely on your chosen risk management products.

Our risk assessments are completely fee-based and independent of any external influences. This gives you expert, unbiased information that you can rely on from your trusted advisor at Diversified Brokerage Ltd.

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Call on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. to manage your company’s business needs

including self-insured plan management, medical savings accounts, fully insured commercial health, dental & vision plans.