Independent Benefit Consultant Services from Diversified Brokerage Ltd.

The right benefits package allows a company to find, reward, and keep the best employees. Call on us.

How We Work

Call on independent benefit consultant services from Diversified Brokerage Ltd. We work with clients of all sizes and leverage our experience and resources to challenge insurers for the best product, the best service and best value for your company.

We learn about your business and personalize plans for your company’s individual and specific needs. There is no one size fits all product here at Diversified Brokerage Ltd.

We offer our clients broad resources and more in-depth knowledge of group insurance and employee benefits, and tailor plans specifically for your needs and requirement.

Bottom Line: We are not partial to any insurance company and work with all insurers to be sure that your company gets the best plans and the best value. And we back that up with best in class service from our experienced, creative and dedicated team. 

The Steps We Follow

  • We Get an In-Depth Understanding of Your Business
  • We Establish a Rapport With Your Team
  • We Provide Expert Advice on Competitive Plans
  • We Explain Complex Terms in Simple Language
  • We Help Select and Implement the Plans
  • We Manage Your Insurance and Financial Plans
  • We Explain Plans & Benefits to Your Employees
  • We Provide Ongoing Service & Support
  • We Assist In Employee Issues throughout the Year
  • We Are Proactive, Always Learning & Ahead of the Curve
  • We Stay in Touch With Every Client… Always