Frequently Asked Questions

Who will service my account for my employees if we have issues or problems?

You can count on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. to be there for you. We have experienced staff members who are available for any questions or issues you or your employees may encounter.

How will my company's renewals be handled?

Each year, we will review all available options on insurance, retirement and other plans that are scheduled to be renewed. Count on Diversified Brokerage Ltd. to be proactive with changes in insurance rules and regulations.

Can I have confidence that all options have been explored by Diversified Brokerage Ltd.?

We explore all possibilities along with new market innovations to give you the most economical and comprehensive coverage available. Our clients have confidence knowing our 30 plus years of experience is working hard for them!

Can Diversified Brokerage Ltd. work directly with my accountant or attorney to coordinate my business needs?

Yes. Our firm works with many other types of professionals to coordinate and achieve your business goals. These include lawyers, accountants, bankers, human resource agencies and many other consultants. We work well with others to help streamline the process.